Monday, 21 September 2009


1.When is started media studies I didn’t realise that it went in to so much detail of studying programmes , adverts , films etc. it made it so much more interesting than just watching a film and not writing much about it. You can find out so much more than you think.
2.These perceptions have definitely changed; it is much more hands on and interesting than I first thought it would be.
3.Because I am re-sitting the year I have learnt from mistakes that I made last year, for example I have realised that I have to meet deadlines and do the work on time and to an acceptable standard.
4.I have not fully understood TV drama as well as I would have liked and would like to go over a bit more again.
5.Casino Royale uses non-diegetic sound a lot; this means that the people in the film can not hear the music that is playing and it purely for the audience. The music relates to what is going on in the film, for example if there is an action scene the music will be fast and exiting and will make you anxious and get nervous like the people in the film. Also in a lot of James Bond films the music will involve the James Bond theme tune in one way or another, it might not copy it exactly but will be added in to a song and will be noticeable.

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